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The calendar of competitions for the summer term 2018 is attached below:
For each event listed there will be an information sheet posted on this site. It will also be e-mailed out to your school contact well in advance of the competition.

To enter - just e-mail Claire Wallace. Make sure it is clear how many teams you plan to bring etc.

For many events this year there will be 2 deadlines. The first deadline will be for teams to enter and express an interest in entering more than one team i.e. B or C teams. Once this deadline is reached places will be made available for B/C teams. Then there will be a final deadline for any schools to enter. However if the event has limited capacity we may have to refuse these.





Summer Term 1 Events

17th April 2018         Year 5/6 High 5 Netball  Wildern 3.30 - 5  Partnership Finals - invited only

24th April 2018         Year 5/6 Tri-golf   Wildern 3.30 - 5.15

1st May 2018            Year 3/4 Tri-golf   Wildern 3.30 - 5.15

8th May 2018            Year 5/6 Football Finals  Wyvern  3.30 - 5.15  Partnership finals - invited only

22nd May 2018         Year 5/6 Quad Kids  Hamble   3.30 - 5

17th May 2018          Year 3/4 Keysteps Gymnastics  Botley CofE Primary School  1.15 - 3.00

24th May 2018           Year 5/6 Quad Kids  Wyvern  3.30 - 5


Year 3/4 Mini-tennis events

There will be three events run. School can choose which they attend - they only need to go to one.

9th May 2018           Jem Tennis  Hamble           1.00 - 2.30

14th May 2018          Woodhouse Lane               1.00 - 2.30

21st May 2018          Swanmore Tennis Club      1.00 - 2.30



Summer Term 2 Events

5th June 2018         Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket         

June 2018         Year 3/4 Mini-tennis finals

12th June 2018      Girls Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket  Botley Rec

26th June 2018       Handball festival

3rd July 2018          Year 3/4 Kwik Cricket

10th July 2018       Change for Life event Royal Victoria Park - Wildern and Hamble clusters



 The following schools have entered the following competitions:


Year 5/6 Tri-golf  24th April

St.Johns  Upham  Fair Oak  Botley  Wellstead  Berrywood   Durley  Freegrounds  Netley Abbey  Stoke Park


Year 3/4 Tri-golf 1st May

St.Johns  Upham  Fair Oak  Botley  Wellstead  Berrywood   Durley  Freegrounds  Netley Abbey  Stoke Park


Year 3/4 Key steps gymnastics May 17th  This event is now full

Botley  Netley Abbey   Berrywood  Shamblehurst  Upham  Durley  Hamble


Year 3/4 Mini-tennis  9th May Hamble

Hamble  Wellstead  Freegrounds  Botley


Year 3/4 Mini-tennis 14th May Woodhouse Lane

Upham X 2  Fair Oak  Stoke Park


Year 3/4 Mini-tennis 21st May Swanmore

Berrywood X 3  Curdridge +  Swanmore ?


Year 5/6 Quad Kids 22nd May Hamble

Hamble  Freegrounds


Year 5/6 Quad Kids 24th May Wyvern

Berywood  Wellstead  Botley  Upham  Fair Oak  Stoke Park