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Personal Best Challenge

This year we have introduced Partnership Personal Best Challenges. This is to encourage children at KS1 and KS2 to improve their performance in fundamental skills. It also asks them to show determination and self belief as they practice to improve and challenge themselves to do better.

This is in line with the new level zero competition introduced into Games Mark.

So there are resources to set up and run the challenges. Schools are then encouraged to acknowledge those children who have made the most progress and there are certificates below.

Also we will be running a virtual competition as a partnership to celebrate the best performances.

All the information is here......

The Challenges...

There are 6 challenges:


Speed Bounce

Standing Long Jump

Alternate Hand Throw

Zig Zag Agility

Stork Balance

Distance Run  (1 mile or 600m)


There are slightly amended activities for KS1 for the speed bounce and throw


There are cards that explain the activity and how to measure it. These cards also have ideas for practices. They are ideal for leaders or your sports crew to use - so that they can run the activities.

The activities could be done in lesson time (great for a one off indoor lesson) or at any time during the day - before school, break, lunchtime. You do not have to do all the activities all the time - why not choose one per half term!


Also below are 2 resources to help collect results.

1. Personal challenge card - this is for an individual

2. Personal challenge class record - to collate class results

Rewarding Progress

It is very important that children who make the most progress are rewarded. Below are certificates that can be used for this - Gold (outstanding) , Silver (excellent)  and Bronze (Good)

How you use these is your choice. It could be done overall - or by activity.

Virtual Competition

This is an opportunity to acknowledge the best performers across the partnership. 

All you do is send to Claire Wallace the attached sheet with the results of your top 3 performers in each activity. This is then collated and the results will be posted here on this site when I receive them.

Schools can send in results a any point and more than once. This will stimulate competition as children strive to move up the order.


The competition will close on Friday 13th July.