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Heart Values


Our School Heart Values


As a Church of England school we are fully committed to Christian principles and values and these underpin everything we do as a school.


Our vision for Botley C of E Primary School is that it will continue to be a caring learning community where everyone is valued and nurtured. Relationships will be characterised by mutual respect, kindness and consideration built upon a foundation of high behaviour expectations.


We will work together, as a whole school community, committed to ensuring success for all and that everyone is in a position whereby they are able to achieve their full potential.


All stakeholders are fully aware of our core Christian ethos values. These are courage, respect and stewardship and we call them our school Heart Values.



Botley C of E Primary School Ethos

Our last Heart Values days have been:


Stewardship Day - Year 5/6 explored our pond area and looked at how it could be improved and how we could make it a more inviting area for wildlife

Respect Day - KS1 read stories that showed respect, like Have you filled a Bucket today?  The children then looked at ways they could show respect to each other.

Determination Day - KS2 looked at famous people who had showed determination.  They also practiced determination when learning to draw a butterfly, learning how to give and take constructive advice and make improvements.