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Botley C of E Primary School - Staff List 2021-2022



Mr J Cooil, Headteacher (Safeguarding Lead)
Miss C Sambles, Deputy Head (SENCO and Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Year R
1.   Dragonfly Class - Mrs A Curry (Year Leader)
2.   Bumblebee Class - Miss F Chambers 


Year 1/2

3.   Kingfisher Class - Mrs G Westlake (Year Leader)

4.   Robin Class - Mrs J Mahon

5.   Butterfly Class - Mrs K Kelsey

6.   Ladybird Class - Miss K Allen / Mrs N Elliott 


Year 3/4

7.   Fox Class - Miss R Batchelor (Year Leader)

8.   Squirrel Class - Mrs P Green 

9.   Deer Class - Miss L Jones 

10. Otter Class - Miss A Hampton 


Year 5/6
11. Eagle Class - Mrs R Shuttle (Year Leader) / Miss C Stanton

12. Badger Class - Mr T Orman

13. Rabbit Class - Miss E Cook

14. Hedgehog Class - Miss R Allen


Ms C McIntosh, Music Lead (Teacher Planning, Preparation and Assessment Cover)

Mr G Robinson, Sports Coach (Teacher Planning, Preparation and Assessment Cover)

 1. Mrs A Hayes, School Librarian

 2. Mrs J Wilcock, Early Years Assistant
 3. Mrs S Plumley, Early Years Assistant  

 4. Ms D Lane-Winter, Learning Support Assistant

 5. Mrs G Patch, Learning Support Assistant
 5. Mrs S Tucker, Learning Support Assistant

 6. Mrs K Roberts, Learning Support Assistant

 7. Mrs R Turner, Learning Support Assistant

 8. Mrs G Turner, Learning Support Assistant

 9. Mrs S Street, Learning Support Assistant

10.Mrs J Rappini, Learning Support Assistant

11.Mrs C Nicol, Learning Support Assistant

12.Mrs S Sharkey, Learning Support Assistant

13.Mrs A Little, Learning Support Assistant

14.Miss M Di Lucia, Learning Support Assistant

15.Mrs C Perrott, Learning Support Assistant

16.Mrs S Horne, Learning Support Assistant 

17.Mrs A Marsh, Learning Support Assistant

18.Mrs J Carbutt, Learning Support Assistant

19.Mrs K Ward, Family Support Worker 


 1. Mrs J Gabbott, Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

 2. Mrs J Rappini, Office Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
 3. Mrs P Raine, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

 4. Mrs J Carbutt, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

 5. Mrs A Marsh, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

 6. Mrs R Turner, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

 7. Mrs C Nicol, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

 8. Mrs L Tidmarsh, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

 9. Mrs J Wilcock, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

10.Ms D Lane-Winter, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant 

11.Miss M Di Lucia, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

12.Mrs S Sharkey, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

13.Mrs A Little, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant


Mrs H Ellery, Senior Admin Manager (Data Protection Officer)
Mrs J Gabbott, Admin Officer


Mr P Borg, Facilities Manager
Mr C Moss, Cleaner
Mr R Croucher, Cleaner
Mrs L Tidmarsh, Cleaner

Mrs K Cotton, Cleaner




Mrs J Wilcock

Mrs L Tidmarsh

Mrs K Cotton

Mrs P Raine